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  1. Rodeo: Buckaroo Holiday
  2. Rodeo: Corral Nocturne
  3. Rodeo: Saturday Night Waltz
  4. Rodeo: Hoedown
  5. The Little Horses
  6. Red Pony: Morning On The Ranch
  7. Red Pony:The Gift
  8. Red Pony: Dream and Circus
  9. Red Pony: Walk To The Bunkhouse
  10. Red Pony: Grandfather's Story
  11. Red Pony: Happy Ending
  12. Ching-A-Ring Chaw
  13. Billy The Kid: Open Prairie
  14. Billy The Kid: A Frontier Town
  15. Billy The Kid: Prairie Night
  16. Billy The Kid: Gun Battle
  17. Billy The Kid: Celebration
  18. Billy The Kid: Billy's Death
  19. Billy The Kid: Open Prairie Again
  20. Long Time Ago
  21. Simple Gifts

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Welcome to Radio R&T!

Okay, so not quite an internet radio station, but here's a poor man's way of sharing some fun music with anyone out there who cares to listen.

Back in the 1930's or so American composers were still being steeped in the European traditions of classical music, but one young composer was obsessed with creating something new, an American sound for the classical world to hear.

Aaron Copland looked to old American folk songs and traditional hymns for his inspiration, and over a decade or so of composing almost single handedly created a musical palette that has become synonymous with the American West.

His most famous composition is Appalachian Spring, but there are many others to hear and enjoy. This is a collection taken from 3 of those suites, Rodeo, Red Pony, and Billy The Kid with some "old American folk songs" tossed in for good measure.

So grab your reins and prepare to ride off into the sunset. Enjoy!

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