Here are a few shiny trinkets I've picked up over the years. Most of this music is either out of print or not available out there anywhere, but it is well worth sharing. Just click on the set you want and a zip file should be downloaded to your computer. You can then double click on that zip file and it should unpack itself into a folder with the booty inside. Good luck, and happy treasure hunting! JB

Those of us who were children of the 70's will likely remember Bonnie Koloc, a fixture of the early 70's folk music scene in Chicago. For some unknown reason none of her early recordings have ever been reissued on CD. Simply criminal. Here are her first three LP's for any and all who miss the sound of her voice. And here's hoping the recordings someday get the proper CD release they deserve.
Back in 1959 Pete Fountain recorded "The Blues", a dozen tracks of swingin' New Orleans style jazz. The LP was reissued in 1972, but in all these years "The Blues" has never been released on CD. Pete Fountain went on to re-record at least 7 of these songs with other ensembles and new arrangements, but in my opinion he never recaptured the magic of this original 12 song set. One of my all time favorites and long overdue for a proper CD release.
A really nice collection of 15 songs from a live performance in New Orleans by Nora Jones that was never released on CD, but should have been!
Leo Sayer did a 1974 live set that became known as "The Clown Concert" because he was dressed as a Pagliacci type character. It worked! Here's the set of 8 songs and the video. Good stuff!
The complete LP original "Jeremiah Johnson" soundtrack. I searched for this one for years before finally getting lucky. Thanks again, James! The great news though is that there is now an official CD release of the complete soundtrack! They did it right too with music only tracks, as well as the original LP music with dialogue tracks. Get yourself a copy of the CD while it's still available, you will love it!
"The Grey Fox" complete soundtrack. Another musical treasure from another long neglected film. Why this movie has never been released on DVD is a complete mystery.
Back around 2007 or so a group of southern Indiana song writers came together to craft songs inspired by a small book written by Scott Russell Sanders. It was a collection of very short tales about life on the wild frontier of the Ohio River Valley. The result is an American treasure. Here are two video files. The first explores their creative process. The second is their finished performance. Both are hard to find these days on DVD, but the CD is still available in the usual places. Buy the CD, it is truly wonderful stuff! These video files are large, so be patient with the download. ;o)
In the 1920's Harold Fraser-Simson set to music a number of A. A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh verses and published the songs in a set of 6 music books. This is the complete "Three Cheers For Pooh" Robert Tear & Philip Ledger 1981 recording of 27 of these tiny gems. I love these songs!
The complete (mostly) soundtrack to Patrick McHale's wonderful 2014 cartoon series "Over The Garden Wall." The video is available now on DVD. The music too is magical, and hopefully someday will be released on CD. Until then, for the die hard fans...
In 1977 Rankin & Bass released their animated version of The Hobbit. It is a gem! Unfortunately, when the cartoon was released on DVD some 20 years later many of the original sound effects were missing from the audio track. John, thanks for tipping me off to all of this! In this folder are two files, the original video with all the sound effects restored, and an audio only file that you can load on your iPod or phone. It's a large folder, so be patient with the download,
The complete (and elusive) "Green Cover" LP soundtrack of the 1977 Rankin & Bass cartoon "The Hobbit". This recording has the music tracks only, no dialogue. A nice find.
Just a fun set of Middle Earth inspired songs from different artists which when put together creates an interesting listening experience. Thanks, Sandra, for the Glass Hammer and Colin Rudd tips!
Local New Zealand Sky TV coverage of the Return of the King world premier festivities in Wellington, NZ on Dec 1st, 2003. On that day it was the place to be.
A little over 700 photos from our 2003 Red Carpet Tour of New Zealand visiting LOTR film locations. We also attended the ticker tape parade for the world premiere of the 3rd movie in Wellington. Coming up now on the 20th anniversary of our tour, and several folk are planning a celebratory zoom call. Fun stuff.
In 1968 Franco Zeffirelli gave us his adaptation of Romeo & Juliet. It was lovely, nearly Perfect, as was the amazing musical score composed by Nino Rota. This is the Silva Records complete score recording conducted by Nino Rota himself. Simply beautiful and long out of print. There have been re-recordings of this score, but this is the original and by far the most lovely. The recording has 19 tracks. Track #20 here is an addition of the "Palm To Palm" scene from the film itself, music and dialogue. Such dialogue. Enjoy!
Another out of print gem, the Rachmaninov Vespers, Op 37. Conducted by Alexander Sveshnikov with Klara Korkan, Konstantin Ognevoi & The State Russian Choir. Recorded in secret in 1965 by Melodiya, the tapes were discovered in a vault decades later and released by Angel Records. Remastered in 2008 by Melodiya, but now again out of print. Absolutely wonderful!
An old favorite, madrigal music I grabbed from an Austin radio program back in 1983. I think these performances are by the Julian Bream Consort. If anybody out there recognizes the pieces, please let me know. I would love to find these on CD!
Two very hard to find recordings by Noah Greenberg and New York Pro Musica. Recorded in 1958 and 1964, The Play Of Daniel and The Play of Herod were fixtures of the New York holiday music scene until Greenberg's death in the early 70's. This recording of The Play Of Daniel has been included in the National Recording Registry as an important hallmark of early music performance. I hunted for these for many years. ;o)
For Christmas! The hard to find soundtrack to my favorite Christmas movie, the 1970 made for TV film "Scrooge" starring Albert Finney & Co. Wonderful music worthy of a CD release some day. Merry Christmas, Everybody!
Some quiet music for a quiet Winter's night. Selections from the old Windham Hill label's "Winter Solstice" series.
"A Tale of Tanglewood: Peter Grimes Reborn." A documentary made in the mid-90's, but never released on DVD, and I can't find it on YouTube either. It's about the American premier of Benjamin Britten's opera Peter Grimes that took place at Tanglewood in 1946 and the 50th anniversary performance of the opera at Tanglewood in '96. It's right up there with "Reaching For The Note" as one of my favorites. You really get to see, hear & understand what the experience of making the music means to all of these different musicians. It is simply wonderful!
For my fellow TFC Tenor Tribe alums, a few of the Carter pieces we did with John and a rehearsal track of Ode To Joy, my favorite.
For my fellow Purdue Varsity Glee Club alums, a collection of Saturday night material mostly from the 1979-1983 years.
For my fellow Purdue Varsity Glee Club alums, a collection of Sunday morning material mostly from the 1979-1983 years.
The Child Ballads are a collection of 305 traditional ballads from England and Scotland and their American variants, collected by Francis James Child during the second half of the 19th century. Their lyrics and Child's studies of them were published as The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, a work of 2,500 pages. The tunes of most of the ballads were collected and published by Bertrand Harris Bronson in and around the 1960s. Here's the original 10 volume set in pdf format. For a wonderful recording of 7 of these pieces, check out the CD "Child Ballads" by Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer. Really good stuff!
And a really nice collection of pictures of Sotland. This is what I use for my own screen saver!
A really nice set of Van Gogh digital images. They're wonderful to look at and make a great screen saver if you are so inclined.