My name is Ashley Dunham.

If you're a wife or mom, we already have a lot in common --so stay and visit!  I hope you'll leave here feeling encouraged, inspired and joyful-- and maybe with a fresh idea or two.

A year ago my husband, Kent, and I moved our family to a more practical location, dropped an income, and started homeschooling our 11- and 12- year-old children.  These were just outer signs of a deeper shift in us:

We wanted to focus on what was important, and let go of what wasn't.

So, what is important to us?

  • Getting closer to Jesus Christ.
  • Making our home the central location for family life.
  • Contentment and creativity with what we have.
  • Being free, time-wise and financially, to give and serve.

It's easy to write down a checklist of lofty goals, but so hard to actually live out.  I sure don't have it all figured out, but I'm loving the discovery and joy of getting there.

I started this blog a year ago, with no particular direction or aim for my entries.  It was mostly for my own enjoyment and record.  Realizing lately how influential the internet can be on our attitudes and ideas, I've switched gears on here!  I hope to write only genuinely uplifting content, bringing a smile or a prayer or a practical idea to anyone who passes this way.   Please add your own responses and ideas to the comments section after each post.  I love that.

So pour a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and chat a while!

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