Thursday, October 6, 2011

Four Things You Must See Up Close

During the arduous task of sorting digital photos taken by four separate people (ranging from blurry pictures of our cat in strange positions to close-ups of Star Wars Lego scenes), I came across a few pictures of our summer that I had forgotten about.
Here are four things that you need to see up close, to fully appreciate...

#1.  Feathers on butterfly wings.

#2.  Babies sleeping.

#3.  Broccoli you grew yourself, and the worms didn't get it first!

#4.  These guys.

1 comment:

  1. I got homesick looking @ your website. Our family is living in Indianapolis, IN, but I'm an Albertan by birth and heart. My 100 yr. old father and 87 yr. old mother live just north of Calgary...still on their farm, where our daughter cares for them. We home-educated both of our children in Alberta....our daughter now a teacher and our son a Civil Engineer working for the Dept. of Transportation here in Indiana. It's bedtime here, but am interested to read more of your blog tomorrow. God bless.


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