Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Fond Farewell

It's time to sign off for good.

I knew this day would come, and I knew it would happen almost overnight:
the realization that I'd had my fill of blogging.

As an enjoyable creative outlet, writing this blog has served me well over the past year.  I have considered it as a sort of hobby, and fortunately hobbies are the types of things you can comfortably eschew when they no longer fit.  With two children entering more strenuous years of schooling, I have had to shift my focus to role of 'teacher,' and accept the hours of labour that go with that.  Blogging itself (both writing my own and reading others') has inspired me to continue to exercise my home-making skills, trying new ones and improving others.  I have a growing wish spend more quiet time with God, and get to know more of the people in my life.  All of these things require a re-budgeting of my hours and minutes, and I find I can no longer afford to blog, and account for these other pursuits.

I'm not worried that by closing 'Root and Twig' I will be depriving my few readers of any actual benefit. There are hundreds of lovely blogs out there, covering any topic one could dream up.  (I am sure I myself will continue to visit some of them for years to come!)  I was never under the delusion that 'Root and Twig' filled a unique niche or need in this already crowded blogging realm.  On the contrary, no blogs are really necessary at all!  For we are all certain to find the support and fun and interest we crave when we open up to the people around us in our own homes and communities; and that is the way humans have done it for thousands of years.  Much of my blog has emphasized the joy of going back to The Way Things Used to be Done, the simplicity of yesteryear before the onslaught of fast-paced inventions.  When looked at that way, it was absolutely inevitable that I would stop blogging eventually, right?
I'm just too busy with the actual living of a full and rich life, to take a decent amount of time to write about it.

And I guess that's all right.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone, and for all your comments and conversation over the year.  It has really been so fun to share with you, and to visit your blogs, too!  I'll leave my blog up for a while, and will check my comments for a few more days, then I'll be done.

May God lead you ever nearer to understanding Who He really is, and how much He loves you through his Son Jesus.



  1. Keeping up with a blog is a full time job..thanks for sharing a part of your life with us..enjoy the time out :o) Ginny

  2. Dearest Ashley,
    I'm grateful to have had more of a glimpse into your life lately. Thank you for sharing your heart!

    I know we will be able to keep in touch anyhow.(= Teaching is definitely a full task, let alone Mothering.

    God bless you my friend!!!

    Hugs to your sweetie and those precious chillins of yours!


  3. Well-written farewell, although sad. :( Keep in touch!


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