Monday, September 26, 2011

Merry Monday #3: Re-usable Gift Wrap

Welcome back to Merry Mondays!
While I like presenting gifts in an appealing way, fancy paper gift-wrap is a real money- pit, not to mention a bit of an earth-killer (think how much of it ends up in the land-fill every year!).  Those shiny Hallmark gift-bags will certainly get used more than once, passed from friend to friend, but eventually they too retire to a land-fill, probably biodegrading far slower than even the paper would have!

Aside from the obvious solution of not wrapping the gift at all, there are a few things I've used to contain past Christmas presents....

Hand-made cloth gift-bags are perfect for immediate family.  That way, if you put extra special details into them, you can enjoy them year after year under your own tree.  Last year I sewed up half a dozen, just using scraps of fabric and ribbon I had in the basement.  At roughly 1.5 feet by 2 feet, they can hold big gifts or be folded around smaller ones.  My favorite bags incorporated pieces of an old white lace table-cloth.  If my sewing machine cooperates, I'll whip up a bunch more this year.

Colorful vintage scarves abound at local thrift stores, or maybe in your own closet.  Alternatively, just use any square of cloth.  I can't wait to grab a few more scarves, and try out some of these Japanese "Furoshiki" folding techniques!  Isn't this cool?  I wish I could remember where I found this diagram!  I love how the fold depends on the shape of the object.
Use a wrap that's part of the gift.  A new pair of mittens can be the perfect case for a gift-card or jewelry (or any small thing).  A tea-towel is sensible for wrapping absolutely anything kitchen-related.  Personally, I never have enough baskets, so if anyone gave me a gift in one, I would be as thrilled for the basket as the gift.  What about a plant pot, or a cookie jar?  Almost any container suits.

How about you?  Ever received a really unusually-wrapped gift?  


  1. That is what I did last Christmas. I will make more this year. As a momma of 6 kiddos the time and paper it took to wrap ALL those gifts (while hiding and freezing in our moterhome/Santa's workshop for hours while my kiddos torn up the house!

    Now I say inside and sew while watching the kiddos. I make all sizes. Then it only take 1/4 of the time to wrap things up.

    I have my 2 youngest kiddos girls now 4 and 6 make To/From gift tags. We covered cardboard with white paper then cut up the cardboard ceral box into squares. You could use pinkinshears for a fancy edge. I then let the girls hole punch them so to attach it with ribbon to the gift and use stamps to decorate them...all while I sewed!

    I really loved last Christmas! It was very different in such a wonderfully good way!
    Great post!


  2. Good idea to get the kids involved making gift tags. I love my pinking shears, too! They make everything better, don't they?


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