Thursday, May 12, 2011

Taking the Summer 'Off'

"The dream is in the mind, the realization in the hands." --Louis L'amour

Bright and balmy.  Finally.  And we have begun to tackle the tangled, starved, overgrown sink-hole that is our yard.  With a brisk breeze constantly blowing (with just a touch of winter coolness still in it), birds and squirrels chattering, and our wind-chimes put up again to serenade us, we have been:

  • digging up the sod in the front yard to make way for raised veggie beds
  • arranging those strips of sod upside-down in neat stacks for composting
  • ordering and receiving shipments of soil and pea gravel (Seth loves the dumptrucks!)
  • using a sledge-hammer on the padlock that former owners had used to secure a bbq to the (rotting) deck
  • spraying weeds with vinegar (will it work?)
  • wheel-barrowing pea gravel and spreading it under a shade tree in the back yard
  • scraping down high-spots and filling in low spots
  • pruning everything
  • using broken (and smashing more- fun!) old pavers to create new walk-ways
  • setting out seedlings to harden off in the sun and wind
  • dividing and moving perennials

This summer is going to be completely packed with this kind of work, and I'm thrilled!  This is the stuff I love to do most; though most of the heavy labor is being done by my hard-working man (I like watching!).  Most summers I let the housework go, except for cooking and laundry from which there is no escape, so that I can spend every bit of time outside.  

So... I've decided to take a vacation from blogging, both reading and writing.  I plan to be back in this space in the fall.  May you all enjoy a delightful and energetic summer, with time to bike-ride, camp, swim, read, garden, and eat green things from your garden and/or your local Farmer's Market!  Those are my plans!
See you in a few months!


  1. Sorry to see you go, would love to see the progress of the boxes take place.
    Oh Well! good luck and happy gardening..

  2. Happy Summer! Enjoy more than Work:)

  3. Can't wait to see the finished product! May your veggie boxes overflow with goodness:)

  4. Summer technically starts June 21st. When is your "summer" starting? Have you had a shnook lately that's got you all warm and fuzzy? Please send your warm weather our way - where the Grouse Grizzlies have had their longest hibernation in many years.

    Hugs for you all! (I'll miss you on your blog!)



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